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method of ion generation Corona discharge mode
method of voltage application DAC mode / Pk-Pk : 7.0KV
method of ion balance control Plate Voltage Monitor
Ion Balance Average Voltage 30V (300mm)
time required for static removal (Decay Time) less 10 sec
distance of installation 100mm ~ 1800mm
rating source power DC 24V 10%
current consumption 350mA
material electrode rod tungsten, titanium
main body ABS resin
grounding surface stainless
Main functions condition output, alarm input, ion balance control function, remote-control function, condition output LED
size 122mm (H)
52.5mm (W)
service environment 0~ 50 , 35 ~ 55%RH
air supply/Max. Air 6.0 Fitting (CDA: Clean Dry Air)** / 0.5 MPa
* 给静电气CDA给.
* 湿气气产电离.
* Emitter bargas type与non gas type.
静电体 电极数
782mm 660mm 12
1022mm 900mm 16
1262mm 1140mm 20
1502mm 1380mm 24
1742mm 1620mm 28
1982mm 1860mm 32
2222mm 2100mm 36
2462mm 2340mm 40

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* 静电产线 (Device production facilities that rapid electrostatic control)
* 气׵产线 (Low air flowed system with a particle control)
* Semiconductor
* Electronics assemblies. etc